Many very fine digital teaching and reference tools for vertebrate / mammalian histology have been developed in various formats.  HistologyOLM is somewhat unique in that it systematically guides students through the microscopic study of mammalian tissues.

The development of this manual is based on the premise that histology is more than knowing the anatomy and physiology of tissues. It also involves developing the practical ability to systematically examine tissues microscopically - that is, the ability to examine a specimen under the microscope, understand how to navigate about the specimen, and understand how to properly evaluate the specimen at all magnifications.  And while this manual could be used on its own to study mammalian tissue structure, the intent of this manual is NOT to replace the microscope, but rather to be used along side the microscope to guide students through the traditional microscopic examination of tissues.

The first version of this manual was a conventional software application, developed using Microsoft's WebBrowser Control® and distributed on CD for exclusive use in the mammalian histology course (Biol 331) at Mary Washington College in 2000.  The WebBrowser Control brought html document viewing and hyperlinking to this off-line application.

Version 2.0 of this manual was developed for Microsoft Internet Explorer® version 5 and distributed for public viewing via the internet in 2001.  This version of the manual was featured in Campus Technology Magazine (formally Syllabus) in 2002.  Based on the legacy script that was optimized for use with the WebBrowser Control, this second version of the manual behaved properly only in Internet Explorer running on the Windows platform. 

Version 3.0 of the manual was developed using the Drupal content management system, making it compatible with both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox®

The current version of the manual, version 4.0, preserves the manual's compatibility with Mozilla Firefox ® 17.0+ and Microsoft Internet Explorer ® 8.0+, but depends less on a Drupal theme and more on customized style sheets to build the web pages and the menus. It has been developed as part of the BiologyOLS on-line suite of lab manuals I am developing for courses at the University of Mary Washington.  The manual is a work in progess.  New material is contantly being added and old material is under constant review and revision.

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