Welcome to CellBiologyOLM, the on-line laboratory manual for undergraduate courses in Cell Biology. This laboratory manual is a comprehensive guide to the laboratory exercises performed in Biol 340, Cell Biology, at the University of Mary Washington. Each lab exercise contains background information about the concepts and principles covered in the week's experiment and a full description of the experiment, including a statement of the specific scientific objective of the experiment, an explanation of the experimental design, a summary of the supplies and equipment used in the experiment, the step-by-step experimental protocols, and if required, links to Microsoft Excel® spreadsheets used for data recording and presentation.

The laboratory exercises contained in this manual are designed to reinforce students' understanding of some principles that govern cell function, give students a working understanding of some basic laboratory techniques used in cell biology and biochemistry laboratories, serve as models for how experiments are designed, and finally provide students with some experience collecting and recording data, basic data analysis, basic descriptive statistics, and the use of electronic spreadsheets in displaying, analyzing and graphing data.

Each week, enrolled students are expected to read and understand the background material and the experimental protocols before coming to lab. Students are expected to walk into lab each week understanding the principles and concepts explained in the background reading, the specific objective of the experiment and the design and methods used in the experiment.

After running the experiment and collecting the data, each student is given a post-laboratory assignment. Each assignment requires the student to analyze their raw data using a spreadsheet and to then answer a set of questions designed to assess a student’s understanding of the experiment and their experimental results. The data analysis for each lab requires students to use basic statistical methods (calculations of mean, standard deviation, standard error, and basic T-tests to evaluate statistical significance) and to graphically display their data.

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