Learning Objectives and Student Expectations

The laboratory exercises contained in this manual are designed to reinforce students' understanding of some principles that govern cell function, give students a working understanding of some basic laboratory techniques used in cell biology and biochemistry laboratories, serve as models for how experiments are designed, and finally provide students with some experience collecting and recording data, basic data analysis, basic descriptive statistics, and the use of electronic spreadsheets in displaying, analyzing and graphing data. The overall learning objectives of the exercises contained in the manual are:

  • To understand and learn the scientific principles and concepts covered in each exercise.
  • To develop basic laboratory skills
  • To understand how experiments are constructed, the fundamentals of scientific method and experimental design and how these principles are applied to each experiment.
  • To understand how basic statistics are used to describe and test data.
  • To develop the skill of drawing valid conclusions from experimental data.
  • To be able to use electronic spreadsheets to present experimental data is tabular and graphical form.

To meet these objectives, each week, students are expected to read and understand the entire laboratory exercise BEFORE coming to their lab session.

  • Students are expected to understand and learn the scientific principles and concepts covered in each exercise and be able to apply this knowledge.
  • Students are expected to understand the experiment, including but not limited to, the specific objectives of the experiment, the experimental design, any assays used in the experimental protocol and be ready to execute the protocol.
  • Students are expected to understand the nature of the raw data collected in the experiment, any calculations used to process the raw data, and the basic statistics used to describe the data and test the data for statistical significance.
  • Students are expected to understand how the electronic spreadsheets work.

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